The Warhol Museum

We Took 15 Minutes of Fame and Made Them Timeless.

The Warhol Museum reconfigured its floorplan. Visitors would now start on the top floor and work their way down in order to experience the various stages of Andy’s career in a more digestible, linear fashion. The second floor was left as a dedicated space to showcase unique exhibits and artists from around the world — from Andy’s contemporaries to up and coming artists fashioned from the Warhol mold.

So, how did we translate its unique, niche subject matter into creative executions to attract the masses? By infusing everything we did with bold imagery and enticing copy worthy of Andy himself. Whether it was attracting visitors with worm-filled hot dog buns, barbed wire sandals or firecracker swimwear, we embraced Warhol’s quirkiness and sometimes irreverent nature. When it came to his written work, we played up the intrigue with our scavenger-based Warhol Book Hunt. And when promoting the exhibit featuring the legendary restauranteur/artist Michael Chow, we went big, like really big, with Legacy Shadow — a several stories high, user-generated projection event inspired by his art.