Great Player. Better Human. The Push to Retire Clemente’s #21.

When it came to baseball, Roberto Clemente’s legend was forged through a mixture of grace, speed and an arm like a heat-seeking missile. His impact on the field helped open the door for many ballplayers from his native Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and other Latin American countries.

However, it’s what Clemente did off the diamond that formed the basis for RETIRE 21. Through our social disruption campaign, we employed all methods of media including online petitions, posters, Out-of-Home, shirts, interviews, social media influencers and celebrity endorsements. Through these methods we were able to bring awareness to his humanitarian efforts, including the one that ultimately cost him his life — his mission to an earthquake ravaged Nicaragua on December 31, 1972, just months after his 3000th hit. It’s time to RETIRE 21. May there never be another name above it.