Pennsylvania Lottery

Bringing the Fun and Excitement of Lottery Gameplay To A New Generation.

An institution for almost 50 years that benefits older Pennsylvanians every day, the Pennsylvania Lottery was looking for ways to capture the attention of next generation Lottery players. Scratch-Offs, Draw Games and now PA Lottery online needed to be showcased in a way we’ve never done before. In the spots below, we reframed people’s perceptions of the prizes by personifying them — giving them attributes that amplified the fun and exciting nature of gameplay.

Cash 4 Life’s prize of $1,000 a day for life was embodied by President Grover Cleveland, the man on the $1,000 bill. For very large jackpots, Lottery Labs showed “living Scratch-Offs” being infused with maximum winnings. And what would make you forget that a house you bought landed on a witch? The Wizard of Oz Scratch-Off with prizes so big, you wouldn’t even need a good witch to convince you … but we threw her in anyway.