Penfolds Virtual Launch Event

An Extraordinary Launch, Born From Extraordinary Circumstances.

Over the past two decades, Penfolds had been working on its California Collection, the vineyard’s very first wine from outside Australia in its one-hundred-and-seventy-seven-year history. Unfortunately, the long-anticipated release happened to be in the middle of a global pandemic, so 9Rooftops went to work to completely reimagine what a launch could be.

The result was innovative and grand, yet intimate— The California Collection Virtual Inaugural Release, an invite-only event streamed live from Adelaide, Australia, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.


The event kicked off with a dance piece, choreographed to artfully express the California Collection’s origin story, which utilized performers who were sidelined because of Covid. This was followed by a live tasting in which virtual attendees took advantage of their custom wine kits to learn about the collection in real time alongside the Penfolds winemakers. Additionally, 9Rooftops developed a subset of VIP kits exclusively for influencers, media and celebrities, including wine lovers and funny women, Courtney Cox and Rebel Wilson.


The event’s grand finale was a custom concert performed high atop the Hollywood hills by none other than Tony-Award-winning and Oscar-nominated actor and singer, Leslie Odom Jr.