It's Uptime at International Truck

Reviving an American Brand


After an unreliable new engine was launched, the corporation’s market share fell from 35% to barely 5%. New corporate leadership turned around the quality issues, but Navistar’s customers were still angry. 9Rooftops was tasked with helping the brand regain trust and consideration.


While customers hated the Navistar Corporation, they still held good feelings about the International Truck brand. We used the Behavioral Economics principle of “Anchoring” to shift customers’ attention from the big, faceless corporation — to the people of International Truck — people who take pride in their products and care about the customer’s success.

In a two-phased effort, we turned the primary industry KPI — UPTIME — into a product quality promise as well as an anthem for the brand. “It’s Uptime at International” laid the foundation to bring the brand back to a leadership position.

Phase One

We featured employees in ads across channels with compelling copy that spoke to their commitment to their customers. Specific trade messaging supported the new tools and services for dealers — giving them the confidence to retain existing customers and attract new ones.

Phase Two

Across all channels, we spoke directly to our customers as true partners — demonstrating that we’d heard them and walked the walk on delivering superior products. While the new ads featured the product excellence and innovation, we always put the role the truck played in the customer’s life front and center. We also worked with International on regaining industry thought leadership through innovative industry events, including an Innovation Summit for the school bus division, and a series of white papers on key industry topics. As a result, International is back to positive earnings, market share is improving steadily and International is again recognized as an industry leader in innovation. What’s more, “Uptime” is more associated with International Truck than any of its competitors.


International is back to positive earnings and increased market share and is recognized as an industry leader in innovation

  • Market share increased from 5% to 18%
  • “Uptime” is more associated with International Truck than any of its competitors
  • Search programs generated 47% of all leads
  • Significant improvement in CSAT scores amongst both commercial customers and associates