Driven By Design. Inspired By Performance.

While Hispanics were more important than ever to luxury car makers, sales were growing only modestly. So, Infiniti came to us for help.

In a short time, we did extensive research, revealing that affluent Hispanics tend to make safer choices when purchasing luxury cars — like BMW, Mercedes and the occasional Lexus.

This suggested that Hispanics weren’t aware of or didn’t care about Infiniti’s luxury car credentials — there was an emotional disconnect. This revelation told us that Infiniti was an outsider brand to them.

Solution: make Infiniti an insider brand. To do so, we fused Latino talents known for being great designers and performers together with Infiniti. The idea was to generate a desirable connection for the brand by giving the driving experience heart and soul. The art of performance, passion and purpose struck a chord and a nerve with affluent Hispanics.

The campaign results tell the story: Infiniti sales increased 22% across the three  markets. NY, LA and Miami. This set the stage for us to go national six months later.