Encouraging College Kids to Up Their Grooming Game by Schooling Them in Style.

Men buying grooming products to boost self-esteem or feel more attractive is now the majority vs the minority. A well-groomed appearance often defines what it means to be a man for many men. Armed with this data, we forged ConairMAN, a way for an established brand like Conair to dive headfirst into the men’s grooming game to snag their cut of the category.
So, how did we launch the ConairMAN brand?

We began with a brand identify platform, along with experiential events and social media influencer campaigns, to create a platform for men everywhere to own ConairMAN as their weapon of choice for grooming. In an effort to build early brand loyalty amongst our younger demographic, we created a social video campaign entitled School Yourself in Style. Three simple, yet fun messages that encouraged good grooming habits during the most pivotal time of their lives … college. We positioned ConairMAN trimmers as the ultimate way to achieve “big man on campus” status by schooling themselves in style.