CBGB The Movie

There Is A Bit Of Punk In All Of Us.

“CBGB the Movie” is about the former New York music club and its founder, Hilly Kristal. Without Hilly and the legendary CBGB, the history of punk would have been very different — which is somewhat ironic, since Hilly’s original club concept was a venue for country, bluegrass and blues (thus the name CBGB). Lucky for all, Hilly changed course, ultimately creating the birthplace of underground American punk rock.

The director, producers and writers behind “CBGB the Movie” came to us because they needed an advertising company deeply rooted in the creative marketing of theatrical, entertainment and music properties.

It was still early in the film’s development; all they had was a movie script and a vision for the film.

As with many independent films, one of the goals was to obtain distribution, as well as sponsors, by screening the movie at film festivals. However, the film wasn’t made yet, so we needed to create something that would pre-sell the movie before shooting even began.

The solution was simple: Design a collectible, large-format coffee table book that authentically showcased the punk pioneers who played the club and the independent spirit that made CBGB and Hilly the biggest legends in punk rock history.