CRM + Loyalty
CRM + Loyalty

CRM + Loyalty: The Long Game.

It’s about their journey. 9Rooftops helps brands develop a single view of consumers to drive individualized engagement across email, mobile apps, SMS, social, paid, customer service, direct mail and more. We help brands design and implement holistic CRM solutions that drastically improve consumer interactions and relationships from interest to advocacy. We deliver measurable, personalized communications and touchpoints that drive lifetime customer value, brand preference, and significant return on investment for B2C, B2B and B2G brands.

  • Marketing + Sales Automation
  • Lead Nurture + Retention Marketing
  • Third Party Data Enrichment
  • Segmentation + Modeling + Scoring
  • Direct Marketing Activation
  • Cross-Channel Messaging + Personalization
  • Paid Media Integration and Enablement
  • Conversion Rate Optimization Programs
  • Iterative Test-and-Learn Design
  • Measurement + Data Capture
  • Technology Enablement

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