Our Who, What and Why.

There is an energy here. A contagious, charismatic, and courageous atmosphere created by people who care, who refuse to let ‘good enough’ go out the door, and who are hellbent on making a big difference every day in everything. We are an agency that works hard, plays hard.

In 2020, Eastport Holdings merged three of its better-known marketing agencies — MARC USA, BFG and healthcare-focused BLR | further — into 9Rooftops, a bold new agency built for brands who need results now. In addition to our creative and digital teams, our thought leadership extends to include our branded media practice — Cogniscient Media.

We believe in what we do, and in one another. The result is not only in what you see, say and show, but what you feel. And that…that’s a pretty great thing to be a part of.

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Creative chops
and then some.

We are a multidisciplined mix of thinkers, innovators, visionaries, designers, developers, writers, artists and strategists who have the amazing ability to be both hardened realists and unfettered optimists.

Meet the 9Rooftops team

Expanded Expertise.

We are a part of Eastport Holdings, which allows for seamless access within our network to fully leverage all opportunities. With 17 agencies in our network and over $1 billion in annual billings, we've got you covered.